5 Men of Colour I’m currently obsessed with

The 2015/2016 season has been very good to me as far as gorgeous dudes are concerned. I’m currently really into these five guys from all over the globe and its so much better to me that they’re all amazing and talented men of colour. This means I don’t have to have mad crushes on blonde-haired blue-eyed okes (only) anymore. At long last! I am honestly so greatful for representation on television and film, guys. Because, really, if Jesse Williams existed in the 90s the way he does now, I don’t think I would have even looked at David Lee Gallagher.

Listen, I know I’m always spouting rubbish about good looking humans and binge eating and other acts of binging like watching stuff and going out, sprinkled with some nostalgia pieces. But it’s been quite difficult thirst curating guys I genuinely like, because they’re all white, because I didn’t grow up seeing black or brown guys I genuinely liked on T.V. It was always the same guy – right into my teens I never felt a true emotional, I-want-to-kiss-the-screen crush on a dude of colour. And that’s mostly because the black guys in movies were just, I mean, I just was not into that one trope Hollywood and pop culture seemed to be obsessed with and obsessed with fitting black actors into. And the same goes for women of course, because racial and cultural representation in the abroad shows and films we watched was pretty much non-existent and/or bloody linear. I’m lucky I grew up in South Africa because I’ve been seeing people who look like me on television since I can remember and that’s awesome for a young black girl. But celebrity culture was/is not a real thing in S.A and I don’t think crushing on ‘hot SA men’ happened before like 2010. So it was Brits and ‘Mericans galore for me, and I’m not sure how that affects a young black girl.

Finally, though, the last few years have seen a rise in a bunch of really gifted (physically, mentally and otherwise) of, not only black guys, but non-black people of colour as well. Michael BAE Jordan may be thot-y at face value but he is a really impressive specimen and a very good actor. Jidenna convinced me that I should only lust over guys who rap in suits, and coupled with Blake Griffin, made me believe in the power of black gingers. Let’s not even start with Rami Malek. And Chadwick Boseman as the black panther is literally the only reason I would watch that Captain America movie repeatedly – it’s ridiculous what he does he does with his body and that character. It’s been a good half decade. Out of all these undeniably aws humans, there are five that I just #cannot with.

Dev Patel

dev patel - men of colourdev patel - men of colour2

Slumdog Millionaire Dev was cute, The Last Airbender made me pay a little more attention and then the beard happened and I died. I really liked him in The Newsroom and I only just started started watching Skins. It seems like Dev has always been a dorky kind of adorable (I’m unfazed by that kind of attractiveness) with really good taste in movie/tv roles. And now he looks old/manly/rugged enough for me to have a crush on him. The moment of Impact: The beard/Lion (movie). He’s also goofy, which is a huge plus.

Rain [Jung Ji Hoon]

rain - men of colourrain - men of colour

If you haven’t seen Rain in Ninja Assassin then you won’t understand what the hell I’m talking about. I saw the movie in cinema 3 times – I kept dragging a different friend to go and see it with me. Apart from the badass fight scenes and overall perfection as far as violent action movies go, and Naomi Harris being a fave throughout, Rain was a very big part of why I loved that film so much. Afterwards I wanted to see more of him, I was like, ‘What other movie is he in?! Gahd!’. FYI, he’s also a hip-swaying pop superstar.

Alfred Enoch

alfred enoch - men of colouralfred enoch - men of colour2

Alfie, Alfie, Alfie… How to Get Away with being gorgeous and black and British, amiright? We all knew Alfie as Dean in the Harry Potter movies and I was totes rooting for him and Ginny – honestly, I just wanted to be Ginny so I can make out with him in a dark corner at The Three Broomsticks. Of course, I have mixed emotions about his character Wes in HTGAWM but that first scene with him happily riding a bike through the campus made me not care for anything that followed, because dimples. I’ve seen clips of him in Shakespeare plays like Kind Lear & Coriolanus as well, so he’s that talented, so I never stood a chance, really.

Suraj Sharma

suraj sharma - men of colour2suraj sharma - men of colour

The life of Pi star is a weird guilty pleasure of mine because I’ve literally only seen him in that one movie. I had to seek out interviews of him to see more and he literally has a smile that could kill a human. He’s super chill and so gifted, obviously. Can’t help but love this young man – and his mouth (sorry).

Daveed Diggs

menofcolour-daveed-esquireDaveed - men of colour

He’s currently making a huge splash in America’s new broadway obsession, the rap musical, Hamilton. I have never seen this show and probably never will but I’ve listened to the cast album a million times, especially the tracks with Lafayette and Jefferson. I recently listened to a podcast where he was a guest and I watched that interview he did with Katie Couric – and I couldn’t breathe or stop blushing (witchcraft). Daveed is actually a rapper, which is something I don’t usually find striking, but his style of rap and how much heart he puts into it is majorly admirable. How can one man be so amazing in every way?! Can you tell that I’m obsessed?

Guys… Daveed Diggs, hey…


As fate would have it, @Li_Zwane posted a thread of good looking proudly South African men, You can have a look if you wanna. There are 2 or 3 ‘joke’ ones in the mix as well, though.

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