The Funimal – the blog – is where all the magic takes place. Ok, let me be serious. This is where you find strange reviews about music and movies and all the experiences involved and stuff and see life through the eyes of a half crazy human.
The Funimal – the person – is the half crazy human you’re gonna have to learn to love… and probably trust with your eyes when you read these posts and see these pictures.

My name is Zoe – which is actually a pen name – Ngombane. I’m a writer and music festival junkie. And I’m also what they call a cheapwine connoisseur (you read that right) – although I do dabble in mature paletted people’s wine (adults who can afford good wine).

If you get a slightly millenial slash 20something vibe from this blog, don’t worry, you aren’t imagining things. But humour me and read anyway then you can leave some of your anti-Generation Y (or pro-) wisdom in the comments box.

My views are my own and these are all just opinion pieces. You may not agree or even like the films, series, books or places I explore – or you may find them an awesome escape that you quite enjoy. Either way, I encourage you to read and laugh/cry/spit at my insanity/stupidity/genius.

Enjoy! Valar Morghulis! May the odds be ever in you favour! You’re a wizard, Harry!


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