Backstreet Boys and #GrowingUpAFangirl

In the spirit of last month’s post about The Covenant and other yummy things that ruined our expectations of dudes when we grew up, I am posting Janine and I’s podcast chat about the greatest and best boy band to EVER EXIST; The Backstreet Boys. Don’t worry, kids, I’m not going to become a fangirl blog. Although, personal semi-reviews do kinda fall under the fanship category, but alas.

So on a beautiful sunny spring Saturday in Midrand, South Africa, Janine and I sat down to discuss BSB, their awesome staying power and the song that was at the forefront of my pubescent sexual awakening – ‘Shape of My Heart’. Because, at 12, I was a slag for blonde boys with colourful eyes, that is, 90s Leo Dicaprio, David Lee Gallagher and of course, Nick Carter. There is laughter, there are tears, we put together a boy band dream team, but mostly there’s laughter. At some point we discuss the rise and flourish of the abominable f*ckboi. Well, to be honest, I’m not really obsessed with that term but thanks to Janine and discoveries hidden deep within the podcast, I now refer to our charming serpent brethren as Max Martin bros, because they so believe and subscribe to the ‘The Call <–> When you’re looking like that’ school of thought.

So if you are even slightly part of the #growingupafangirl movement:




OR if you’ve always wondered what caused tween and teen girls to go into such a frenzy about these dude singing groups, or you just wanna find out what the hell a Max Martin bro is, and especially if you just wanna share in our 2000s nostalgia, follow me down this yellow brick road, kids. FYI: I dearly love to laugh, so I pretty much giggle throughout this thing. Be cool.

Tune into the MMMBopcast. 

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