Film – Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World is a must for the everyday Thor fan. This means everyone who loves Thor, the Norse god (as we know him), Thor as played by Chris Hemsworth (Ahem) and Thor because, Marvel. Most of all, you want to see this if you like seeing Loki in…

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Film: My life can be summed up in 6 Silver Linings Playbook GIFs

Firstly, Tiffany is my emotional spirit animal and Jennifer Lawrence is a gem. But let’s zero in on the fact that these (below) almost always apply to how I am feeling at one time or another. It kind of creeps me the hell out, and makes me both sad and…

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Film: He’s just Not that Into you

Ten Chick Flick cliches that are NOT in ‘He’s just not that into you This should be under the same umbrella as all those funny Honest Trailers. But it isn’t a spoof of itself, just that of other romcoms, so maybe no. But there is some cheesy honesty to both…

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