Dear White People

So I posted the teaser trailer for this film some months ago on my Facebook and when the full length came out, I might as well have lost all of my shit. I did. I lost all of the shit I possess while sitting at my desk at work. It got a lot of likes from all my rainbow nation friends – well, we South Africans have a sense of humour and anything racial often hits home with us. Those critic quotey things refer to it as some sort of awesome satire of Obama Age American kids and I agree with the awesome part. While I’m not ‘Obama Age’ – mainly because I’m not American – I can totally relate to the whole stuck in two worlds vibe of the main character here and most probably, so do most of my peers. While we attend these good schools and predominantly white unis, there is a lot of weird stuff we’re exposed to as black girls. Some funny  and some downright ignorant. And I feel this dramedy just wraps it all up in a cool blanket of unpretentious honesty. So here goes… See the trailer, have a laugh and get educated 😉


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