Fête de la Musique

20130727_173554When I woke up on the 27th of July, I had no real plans. Just the usual sort, you know get up, go buy junk and wine and get back inside my bed and await a sports game that’d be playing later on that day so I can go to my local pub. That is my usual Saturday regime and I’m supes content with it. But on this day, my friends gatecrashed my morning moping to drag me to some auto spares place so we could buy headlights and wipers *yawn*. Little did my lazy self know that it was the lacklustre beginning to an awesome day! After we got the car parts, we headed straight to Cool Runnings in Melville, which is a place I feel very comfortable being in – I possess dreadlocks and dub saved my life, so it’s like entering a realm where everyone thinks I’m gorg and awesome. A few drinks and some Ska later and we decided to head on over to the French Music Festival up the street. Do not ask why we didn’t think of doing this earlier.

Walking through the gates – there were no gates really but those barricade thingies which I always dub the Gates of Awesome when  I go out and about – the first thing that greeted me was… Food stalls. Are you kidding?! Juhdlwolouichlueujv. Sweet potato chips, Some weird bread with veggies in it, other bread with stuff on it, spring rolls and I got try Chinese Beer! It’s in a green can and it’s called Tzingtao and it’s as cool as any – probably more cool to carry around than to drink. And honestly, I’m not sure if I even got the chance to try anything French out. I caught a bit of the TUMI performance and a bit of the Muffinz. Yeah, I know I’m supposed to see some music when I’m at a music festival, but for me, ‘festival’ time is ‘walk around and inhale the beauty around  me’ time. And oh was there beauty… I spoke to some wonderful Spanish girls while waiting in the Pita line, let’s just say my Spanish is not what it used to be and it wasn’t that great to start with, so. I saw a few boys who could definitely be future Mr Funimal (so many beards and veldskoene). The streets were swarming with culture and vibrant colours and people. Music was coming from all directions, lights hanging over our heads all the way down the closed off street, honestly felt like I was in another country for a bit.

Mostly I got to bond a lot with my best friend over Chinese beer and something that looked like Chinese wine/vodka, I dunno. It was awesome and I’m so amped to do it again next year!

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