Happy New Year, from Kho Phi Phi! [VIDEO]

Happy New Year, from Kho Phi Phi! [VIDEO]

My first New Year’s Eve in Thailand and my entrance into 2017 saw me and my XploreAsia friends hop on a ferry for 2 hours to go and make a mess of the famed Phi Phi islands, while also exploring and experiencing and just generally doing all the things a large group of excited and exhausted teachers would do during a well served long weekend. My friend Pat was kind enough to collect the priceless footage chronicling our amazing time on the beautiful island. Watch:

Hello everyone! Decided to finally put my GoPro to use and make a video of my New Year. First video I have ever made so let me know what you think! Everyone who is tagged is in it at least once (along with others who I am not friends with on Facebook yet). Thanks for the memories guys, this will be a New Year I will never forget :)Songs: Lost Frequencies – Reality (Kygo Remix) Kodaline – High Hopes (Filous Remix)

Posted by Patrick Herndon on Sunday, 8 January 2017

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