Liveblogging Man of Steel

man_of_steel_wallpaper_5_by_jonesyd1129-d61rrztLiveblogging my viewing of Man of Steel

I first saw the trailer for this film floating around my facebook and YouTube and it caught my attention. It looked like a really kick ass visual spectacle. So after my mate Nolly asked me in a slightly flustered fangirl voice if I’d watched Man of Steel, I decided I had to watch it and I had to watch it properly. So I waited for it to come to Box Office on DS. And Here’s what happened when I finally beheld Zack Snyder’s eye buffet of a film with the very handsome, very muscley Henry Cavill and one of my fave actresses, Amy Adams and her trusty pointy nose, and of course the other cool people I don’t really care about.

FYI: I watched this film with my friend Sibo and her old-school aunt, so there are some comments from her and some grunts from Aunty.


20:00 I’m very excited to see this film. It’s more dark than your usual Superhero movie but that’s because that’s just the kind of director Zack Snyder is.
Oh, okay… Looks like it’s gonna be cool. I don’t know who the hell Zack Snyder is.
*side eye/blank stare*

20:01 Whoa.
Is this woman having sex?…
*slight shock and disgust*
She gives birth funny.

20:07 Ooh, Gladiator dude saving the day in a spandax thingy.
Krypton looks like a weird ass place to live in. Why are there babies in eggs, underwater. Euw.

20:10 Was that the babies peepee?
Don’t peadophiles watch superhero movies?

20:19 Planet Earth, finally.

20:20 *singing* This man is on fire!
Digging that beard big time, Supersexy.


20:24 Alright, this guy’s body is kinda ridiculous. I am at the gun show right now. Front row seats.
I’m a little uncomfortable with his raw manly sexuality.
I want to conduct a thorough study of his raw manly sexuality. On him.

20:31 He knows you can’t just save a girl from a sleazebag and not expect her to want to bear you sons, right?
I would not be the bigger man and walk away in that situation.

20:33 This movie cuts to other scenes a lot.
What’s Amy Adams doing here? Who’s at American Hustle?

20:39 Stupid stupid! What were you doing following a random male into a cave in the middle of the night?!
I honestly hope she dies here.
I’m sad she won’t. Supersexy is gonna rescue her. Yawn.

20:43 That’s the look of a man who just realised his father is The Bodyguard and his biological father is The Gladiator. Beast.

20:50 I feel like he’s BEEN flying though.

20:53 Ooh, angry teen.
They’re ruining Superman’s public image.
This scene makes no sense, is this man gonna make his family watch him die? His son is Clark Kent.
That’s stupid. Everyone in this scene is stupid. I give up.

21:01 What do you call people from Krypton?
Well, it seems the creepy, dramatic entrance Kryptonians are finally here.

21:10 Why are superhero WAGS so annoying? Was that the gong from Hunger Games?
Did you just say superhero WAGS? Kill yourself! Hahaha.

21:12 This movie is starting to bore me.
I’m hungry and I need fight scenes, like yesterday. Pretty visuals aren’t enough.
*stops watching*

21:17 Wow, check out that 300 throwback with the skulls. Well played, Zack Snyder.
Americans should really reconsider their pronunciation of the word duty.

21:28 Omg, action! Finally!
I was about to go to bed. I can’t be wasting my life, I have work tomorrow.

21:33 That was awesome. I enjoyed that! Violence rules.
Never say that in public.


21:45 Did she just stop to watch a falling building?
Morpheus shouldn’t save her.

21:53 Badass Kryptonian chick is gonna kill all these guys. And it’s gonna look awesome.
I really wish she kills Lois Lane.
Me too.

21:55 Oh, look, the classic Superman saving a sky falling Lois scene.
Oh, kissing strangers with tongue.
I wonder if Henry Cavill has a wife and if yes, how has she not imploded from being turned on too much?
Yeah… I mean like really. Look at him.

22:00 General Zod thinks he’s so major. But he’s so minor. Minor guy with a silly hairstyle. Kick his ass, Superdude.
He does look very strange. His face is distracting. And he’s way to dramatic about everything.

22:04 Finally! Someone speaks up about Superman’s hotness situation!
Yes! Everyone in this movie has just been so jealous for not speaking up.

22:07 Ugh, this is ridiculous, Lois isn’t supposed to know Clark is Superman!
God, he is so sexy.
Too sexy. It’s wrong.
Ugh, my brain is exhausted. Let’s watch Geordie Shore.


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