What Does it Mean to Give 110%?

What does it actually mean to work your hardest? Not to just work hard but to work your hardest. What do phrases like ‘giving it your all’ and ‘working your arse off’ actually mean? I’ve heard people say these things a thousand times and I may have said them myself…

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Girls Are Not Made of Sugar

By Kaniahlies, (via DeviantArt) Girls are not made of sugar. We do not melt under a single touch. Our hearts aren’t made of glass, They’re  made of muscle, and will never shatter under your crushing blow. Our skulls aren’t filled with poetry. They’re  filled with pictures and broken desires, dreams and…

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Signs you’re about to hit rock bottom

Alright, before you panic this post is not dark and end-of-your-line-y. It’s not about being a failure in life or not winning at love and work. I’m just here to goof off about those phases we all go through that aren’t really evident of a successful and well functioning adult,…

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