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My whole adult life has been a lazy Sunday

My whole adult life has been a lazy Sunday

I was feeling a little nostalgic for the 20something melancholy that is the Thoughtcatalog, so I flipped through the proverbial internet pages for something cool to ingest and stumbled upon this article about being a total Sunday bum. First, thought, ‘Oh my word, I love lazy Sundays! What is she on about?’. Last thoughts, ‘Oh my God, my whole life is a lazy Sunday! This sucks quite a bit.’

4 Reasons Why Lazy Sundays Generate The Worst Feelings Ever by Sara Uzer

lazy sundays

That Sunday feeling – we all know it well. While you believe that you deserve the chance to lounge around in your PJ’s all day, you simultaneously feel anxious about your responsibilities come Monday morning.

Over all, Sundays are an uncomfortable mixture between contentment and dread, and you’re just not really sure what to do with yourself.

Here’s why Sundays have the tendency to bring about those less-than-desirable emotions:

1. There’s a pretty good chance that you’re hungover.

2. Somehow you’ve managed to spend the entire day on social media, and are beginning to feel like a useless human being.

3. Netflix keeps asking if you’re still watching, and you’re starting to seriously think it’s mocking you. (Not Netflix in my case, but hired DVDs and 6 seasons of Never Mind the Buzzcocks – they don’t even have to ask) 

4. You can’t decide which you hate more – the fact that you’re ‘wasting your day away’, or that you genuinely enjoy doing absolutely nothing.

You end up rationalizing that it’s okay to be lazy today, as long as you compensate by having a super productive upcoming week. Of course, there are no promises on following through with this – but telling yourself is a start.

And that’s my life. And that makes me a sad little girl. So I may have to find a ‘How to Start Over’ article soon.

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