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My whole adult life has been a lazy Sunday

I was feeling a little nostalgic for the 20something melancholy that is the Thoughtcatalog, so I flipped through the proverbial internet pages for something cool to ingest and stumbled upon this article about being a total Sunday bum. First, thought, ‘Oh my word, I love lazy Sundays! What is she…

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Featured: The Gourmet Millennial

By Lev Novak via Thought Catalog Source: Thought Catalog, LeeC3 Snobbery in food and drink is all we can afford. It’s the symbol of the life we took for granted from participation trophies (which, by the way, we never asked for: don’t put that excess on us.) We can’t afford…

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The Roundabout Burden Of Being An Adult

By CORINDA LUBIN-KATZ (via Thought Catalog) In the three years after my graduation from college, sometimes it feels like all I’ve learned is that adulthood is overrated and bills are a terrible price to pay for independence. I’m on an indefinite journey to “figuring out” my life, and while the…

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