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The Best Love Cheeses

The Best Love Cheeses

cheeseThe Best Cheeses for Every Kind of Romantic Situation

All you need is the right cheese, some crusty bread, a bottle of wine, and maybe some honey, fruit, and chocolate. This is a rule for general life, btw. Read all about it here 🙂 (via bonappetit.com)

Some descriptions of these amazing cheeses that’ll make you want to leave the one you love and go live on cheese farm (That’s a thing right?).

“An approachable cheese that won’t intimidate, but surprises with richness and a lasting finish…”

“It’s studded with black truffles—need I say more?”

“A line of paprika that gives a subtle smokiness to the tangy and earthy interior…”

“Decadent soft ripened triple crème cheese that will provide rich, gooey comfort…”

I mean?! Also, it’s pretty crazy how food people make stuff sound so… sensual. O_o But I love cheese and all food, so. They’re excused. Have a great day and cheese out! (Yes, I just said that)

Smoothies of the Week

Smoothies of the Week

February is the month of love! And in the spirit of all that is romantic and inappropriate, and even though I’m painfully single, I’ll be posting somewhat romantically inappropriate things from those crazy/beautiful Tumblr people. Come all ye single and coupled up folks alike, because everybody deserves to have a little laugh. There are some creepy/smooth people out there on the internet – that’s why I love living there! Enjoy the first installation of weekly smoothies. <3

P.s Please excuse excessive use of the f-bomb, but Tumblr folk are ungovernable (It’s what makes them fun)


The Movie Smoothie


The Tasty Smoothie