Yes, I’m here to watch the rugby, dude…

Where to even begin with this one, you guys? Let’s do personal micro aggression origin stories shall we? Have you ever made your way over to a pub as a lady person, alone or in a group, and had a male person, maybe more than one, come up to you and interrogate you about your life? Asking you questions like, ‘Are you waiting for your boyfriend?’ or ‘Are you really here to watch the game?’… Those are the more indirect ones. I’ve gotten ‘Do you know what a ruck is?’ and ‘Can you name any other player besides Habana?’. I wish this was a joke.


how dare you

All the feels, yo. It’s one thing to wonder why I have a draught in front of me and why I’m yelling at the screen and getting super distraught and super excited, or even why I’m wearing these Vintage 1980s Bok earrings. But it’s a whole other thing to walk over to me and fix your mouth to ask me nonsense you wouldn’t ask a bro doing the same thing.

Wow, man… 

go away

Sometimes I really think I’m being punished for my own prejudices, tbh. There was a point in my life where I was kinda problematic and it was very unfair. When I was suspicious or felt put off by dudes who weren’t into Sports, or dudes who preferred sports like tennis or driving, or whatevs (I’m a contact sports girl, myself). Like, wtf was that? But you know what I did? I checked myself and stopped myself from feeding into the linear assignment of gender roles. Ugh, I’m being preachy now but this a seriously annoying issue. It’s annoying that my mind has to be a bloody glossary because every time I hit the bar I’m going to get quizzed. Just stop. And you know what – if you’d really like to know – yes, I am quite pleased that rugby and football guys look the way they do. And I’m sooo sorry they don’t have boobs so that you can stay happy forever. And my sporting faves are as skilled as they are gorgeous and I love them for those two reasons equally. The two aren’t exclusive.

As I bid you adieu, I’ll admit that I’d sooner hangout with a boy who says ‘It’s cool that you’re into sports’. I feel he’s more of a human than Mr ‘You know what an offside is?’. FACEPALM. REALLY.  It’s like, so I go ahead and play a moron and give you the answers you seek, then what? You’re super impressed with me? You no longer feel the need to intimidate me because I’m now at least half worthy to dwell in your masculine space for a bit? Please just remove yourself from my space, bruh, and don’t tell me it’s not that deep.


P.S Here’s a picture of De Allende, because I can!

damian de allende




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